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Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring is a proactive approach that helps food production or processing plants to protect their customers and their brands. Be it air, water or surface, we carry a range of solutions to test the cleanliness of your plant environment and assess the effectiveness of your cleaning processes.

Using ATP or protein based swabs, customers are able to get an instant indication of the hygiene level in their plant or food processing facilities, enabling them to take immediate corrective action if necessary, to prevent potential contamination.Microbial monitoring can be conducted by pairing a micro swab with the Nissui ready-to-use plates or by sampling the air flow in the plant through the use of an air sampler. Reveal 3-D kits enable users to perform on-site detection of allergen content in environmental swabs and CIP rinse waters.


Nissui Compact Dry Ready-to-use Media

Acumedia® from Neogen® has now merged with Lab M, to form Neogen Culture Media. This new, global brand provides customers with the highest quality dehydrated culture media and formulations from each of the two previous catalogues.​

IUL Air Sampler

IUL’s air samplers are very compact and devised for easy transportation to enable sampling to take place anywhere needed.


Colitag Water Test Kits

The Colitag™ Water Test Kit uses an EPA-approved selective and differential medium to detect total coliforms and E. coli in water samples in 16-48 hours.

Palintest Pocket Test Kits

Packaged in a convenient box, Pocket Kits contain reagents and all accessories required to perform simple visual testing of parameters ranging from ammonia to zinc.


Accupoint Advanced ATP Hygiene Monitoring System

Neogen’s AccuPoint Advanced ATP Hygiene Monitoring System is a lightweight, handheld system that validates the effectiveness of a hygiene program by detecting food residues and microorganisms present on surfaces and in rinse water samples.


Accuclean Protein Swabs

AccuClean Advanced is intended to be used as a simple method to determine the cleanliness of food contact surfaces and equipment. Our AccuClean Advanced system contains reagents housed in a fully self-contained cartridge that once activated, changes color to indicate the relative level of protein detected on a sampled surface.

Reveal 3-D Allergen Kits

The Reveal® 3-D Tests make it simple to screen for the presence of low levels of allergens on environmental swabs and in clean-in-place (CIP) rinses virtually anywhere. Sample preparation and testing take less than 10 minutes, making them great choices for on-site food allergen control.

Elmex Hygiene Swabs

Elmex Hygience swabs are a ALL-IN-ONE, ready to use self contained swab and diluent system. The swab sample solution is ready by returning the swab stick after swabbed to the container.

World Bioproducts EZ Reach Sponge & PUR-Blue Swab Samplers

The EZ Reach™ sponge sampler is ideal for collecting environmental surface samples without touching the sponge. The PUR-Blue™​ Swab Samplers are designed to help the user vigorously scrub a surface to disrupt and lift biofilm to optimize collection of microorganisms.


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