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chemical testing

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Pesticide Residue Detection Ticket

Agri-Screen® Ticket can be used to detect all major organophosphates, thiophosphates, and carbamates in air, water, soil, produce, food, spills, surfaces and custom applications.

Palintest Water and Soil Test Kits

Palintest is a leading company in the design and manufacture of water analysis technologies, supplying a comprehensive range of precision instruments for multidisciplinary analysis.

Mycotoxin Test Kits

Neogen® offers the most comprehensive range of mycotoxin test kits to detect aflatoxin, as well as aflatoxin M1, deoxynivalenol (DON), fumonisin, ochratoxin, T-2/HT-2, and zearalenone, which provide results in minutes while requiring only a minimal amount of training and equipment.

Allergen Test Kits

Neogen’s food allergen tests and allergen swabs can detect the target allergen in ingredients, liquids, clean-in-place rinses, finished foods, and on environmental surfaces, allowing you to screen incoming ingredients, segregate allergenic materials, and validate and verify your facility’s cleaning program.


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