About Us

Chokim Scientific –  a trusted name in laboratory and testing supplies

Corporate Profile

Chokim Scientific (S) Pte Ltd started in February 1999 with just one product line – 3M Petrifilm. 
At that time our focus was serving the food industries. Since then, we have added several renowned brands, thus expanding our market base. To date, we have products catering to the research institutions, food and pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and testing laboratories.

With the aim to be the leading service provider in the Life Science sector through excellent knowledge, service and competence, we have incorporated the following values into our company culture:

  • Excellence and Integrity in all that we do and accomplish
  • Growth in knowledge and competence of our people, through continuous environmental scanning, technical training and updates
  • Professionalism by being respectful and conscientious, adhering to high standards of service


Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable product specialists are on hand to assist you with your queries.